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Citypeak Marketing is a professional marketing agency established in the Carolina's in 2017. We were created by corporate professional marketers who worked at Fortune 500 companies. Our team has gained tremendous experience marketing national brands and developed a passion for helping small to large sized businesses using these same strategies. By combining our effort and skill, we have developed a marketing company with the mission to be affordable, while providing top quality marketing services that a proven to convert sales. 

WHY CHOOSE           ?

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​What sets us apart from other marketing agencies? We offer affordable and upfront pricing with effective marketing strategies. Our mission is to provide your company the same marketing services that large corporations use but at an affordable price.


Many marketing agencies will overcharge, are unresponsive, and don’t create quality work. We on the other hand - have open and fair pricing, truly care about each client, and create phenomenal work. By utilizing a small team of experienced professionals we're able to pass on cost savings to stay within your budget. 

Our skilled team works diligently to develop and implement your marketing needs. Each plan we create for your company is unique and contains practical marketing strategies. Some popular services we offer include; web design, social media, and advertisements. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and let’s work together to grow your company!

Fists in Solidarity


Nick Ciccarelli President of Citypeak Marketing


President + CEO

Citypeak Marketing is Google Marketing Certified

Nick is the marketing guru who puts an enormous amount of effort into every marketing strategy he builds. His creativity mixed with his logical analytical side, make a perfect blend of well thought out marketing plans for each company. He's a big picture person who also pays close attention to detail, following each step of the way to ensure goals are met. He is a genuine and trustworthy businessowner who values integrity and each client's success. 

Samantha Vice-President of Citypeak Marketing


Vice-President + COO

Samantha is dedicated to providing your company with the care, attention, and results you deserve. Her passion for helping company's gain growth is apparent in the work she creates. She helps with all the different aspects of marketing - from developing marketing campaigns to building your engagement on social media. She's always smiling and bringing positive energy to her clients and team.



Sales Representative

Dominick has worked at major company's including IBM and Fidelity. He assists clients by identifying their marketing needs and explaining what we can do to address those needs. By finding out what will help grow your business, he's able to offer services that will have the biggest benefit. He gives a tremendous amount of care to each client because he truly respects people.

Dustin - Graphics Designer of Citypeak Marketing


Graphics Designer

Dustin is a seasoned and talented Graphics Designer who we are thankful to have on our team and enjoy collaborating with. He is extremely skillful at making high-quality eye-catching graphic art for both print and digital applications. He shows creativity when brainstorming innovative ideas and offers multiple styles to elevate your brand. 

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