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5 Reasons to Choose CPM Over Other Agencies

There are tons of advantages to choose Citypeak Marketing (CPM) over competitor agencies, but we’ll just focus on the top 5.

#1. Open and Fair Pricing: The number 1 on our list is at the top because almost no one else does this! We’ve made our prices open and fair because we believe it’s the right thing to do. No more wasting your time filling out a quote form for an outrageously high price tag. Additionally, we don’t change the price depending on the state you operate in, industry, or various manipulative methods done by the other agencies. We’ve even gone a step further to make sure price is never an issue with offering custom pricing within our 3 packages. Each package is clearly defined on our “Services” web page, and feature month-to-month plans so you’re never locked in. Using our marketing agency you can save big compared to other agencies and build your savings with fun challenges.

#2. Full-Service Agency: Most marketing agencies will only do a handful of tasks, which may leave you with having to hire multiple agencies just to do your marketing. However, CPM offers full services packages so that we can be a one stop shop for all of your marketing needs. We will handle everything listed in your package, and if you have additional marketing tasks then just ask and we can probably do it too. It's commonly recommended in smart business tips to work with an full-service agency that isn't charging for each individual service. We also help with tasks outside our package by working with verified 3rd parties to get anything marketing related accomplished.

#3. Owners Involvement: When you hire CPM you get all of an expert team who is involved, including our owners. Most other marketing agencies will only have upper management work to get you to sign a contract, and then never touch the marketing work being done for you. They’ll notoriously dish your hard-earned business onto a low-level employee who doesn’t care or even know how to do marketing. However, with CPM each member of our team is a professional in marketing. The owners are the most involved in marketing tasks for your company.

#4. Proactive and Determined: Another distinct advantage we have over other marketing agencies is that week seek work to be done. Most of the competition just sits back waiting for you to tell them everything to do and even collects payments for doing nothing. At CPM, we track our work done each month and send you a status report, so you stay updated on the progress made. Additionally, we proactively seek assignments to grow your company and never just sit waiting for instructions. Using a top MLM company can be good, but if you’re on a budget then you may want to avoid this due to their expensive rates. Only occasionally will we need to contact to ask questions and request approvals to make sure you’re involved. Running your business should be your main focus and we are determined to see you succeed. Of course, whenever you have a request for something to be done it becomes the top priority.

#5. Free Consultations: The last (but not least) on our list, is something every marketing agency should have, but often does not. Giving a free consultation is a courtesy we offer you to learn what we can accomplish before you make any commitment. The consultation is a strategic review of your company, so even if you don’t choose a package, you’re still getting free advice. After you pick a package, we develop an in-depth marketing plan depending on your business and goals. Schedule your free consultation today!