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Full Service Marketing Agency

Citypeak Marketing Agency is an affordable, experienced and full service marketing agency with strategies that are proven to convert sales. We are a small business marketing agency that creates custom websites with Search Engine Marketing Services (SEO)  keyword content services to help our clients of every industry become a leader and gain sales.

We also offer many more digital marketing services such as, Google Ads (PPC), email marketing and social media marketing. Using Google Analytics we track online data to interpret and determine strategic actions. Our data analysis process is top notch for strategizing how to drive website traffic, appear higher in searches results, and convert visitors. Call us now to see why we are the most effective marketing company in North Carolina. We'll discuss with you how to get your business to reach your city’s peak!

Website Design

Your website is the face of your company. We will create a high-quality website for your business with all the bells and whistles. 

Search engine optimization

This buzz word is as popular as it is important. Increase the amount of traffic and retention to your site and platforms.

Social Media

Having an online presence is extremely important these days. Build your connection with your potential customers on each platform.


Get your marketing package to grow your business. We offer FREE proposals - schedule yours today and reach the peak!

All-Inclusive Service Packages

We offer all-inclusive and contract-free service packages that include all of our marketing services at one low price. Choose which package works best for your new or growing business.

  • BASE - Full Package

    Every month
    Marketing Essentials - $200 Discount
    Valid for 3 months
    • Website - 3 Page ($1,200)
    • SEO - Bronze Package ($500)
    • Social - Bronze Package ($500)
    • Paid Ads $700 / $300 Admin
    • Data Reports
    • Monthly Meetings
    • 24/7 Client Support
  • ALPINE - Full Package

    Every month
    Company Growth - $800 Discount
    Valid for 3 months
    • Website - 5 Page ($2000)
    • SEO - Silver Package ($1000)
    • Social - Silver Package ($1000)
    • Paid Ads $1200 / $400 Admin
    • Advanced Data Reports
    • Monthly Meetings
    • 24/7 Client Support
  • PEAK - Full Package

    Every month
    Dominate Industry - $1100 Discount
    Valid for 3 months
    • Website - 15 Page ($3500)
    • SEO - Gold Package ($2000)
    • Social - Gold Package ($2000)
    • Paid Ads $2500 / $600 Admin
    • Expert Data Reports
    • Bi-Weekly Meetings
    • 24/7 Client Support

*Additional Website Hosting Fee

All Packages

professional marketing services for your company

Every industry needs marketing these days. Whether you're in the food and restaurant industry, health and fitness industry, or technology industry - we can help your small business. Our marketing team has worked with small, medium, and large sized companies. We are ready to assist any size company in any industry. Our goal is to be an affordable marketing agency that you can trust. We believe these values this will help you gain strong business growth.

Web Design

Website Design Agency

Citypeak Marketing is a professional website design agency that creates high-quality custom websites with modern features. It is an important and effective way to connect with your users.

We will make sure that your website is modern and user-friendly. We can also include other custom options such as; creating a booking feature, an e-commerce aspect for a way for customers to buy your products, and high-quality videos to show off what your company is doing. We will ensure that your website adapts to all screen sizes and devices such as; mobile phones and iPads.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing Services

Citypeak Marketing is an SEO agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to give our clients an advantage over their competition by appearing on the top of search result positions to increase sales.

We offer this vital digital marketing service to companies who want to raise brand awareness, become higher on search engine results, and increase organic traffic. Citypeak’s technical SEO team will evaluate your competition’s keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence and technical and back-link profile. By doing this complex process, we will create unique strategies that will provide a clear advantage in your competitive market.


Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing is a great way your small business to communicate with current and new customers. Using this form of marketing, you are able to easily send newsletters, rewards for customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness.

This is a strong marketing strategies that acquire and maintain customers. Finding a high-quality and affordable marketing agency that offers email marketing is tricky. Luckily, you’ve hit the jackpot with finding Citypeak Marketing. We are experts at sending and tracking customer emails that are proven to convert.

Email Marketing
Social Network Selection

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media is an extremely powerful way that brands can connect with their consumers. Being a social media marketing agency, we are experts at getting you a following on all social media accounts with interesting and creative posts.

Citypeak Marketing can help your company create an online presence to engage with your customers. We will get you on each social media platform and create posts that have engaging content. We know what's trending, the popular hashtags, and how to build a following.

Social Media

google analytics

We use Google Analytics and website analytics to track the data for your website and social media pages. This data important, especially nowadays and we will show you how your company is performing online.

At Citypeak we clearly summarize the data we collect to tell you how much traffic you have month to month, where the traffic is coming from, pages that are bouncing quickly, and the amount of time spent per page. We will also evaluate customer pathways and user experience to ensure everything logistically is running smoothly. This will give you website insights to convert viewers into sales.

Computer with Graph

paid per click (PPC)
Google Ads

Implementing Pay Per Click (or PPC) Google ads is essential to gaining new clients within minutes. PPC marketing involves setting a budget as a paid advertisement that positions your business on top of search results as “Sponsored".

We are an experienced PPC agency that will expertly set up your company’s Google PPC campaign for positive results. This effective and fast method of marketing will position your company in front of high-converting customers. Increase your search engine position and gain immediate results with Citypeak Marketing Agency’s PPC management services.

SEo content

Citypeak Marketing is a SEO content marketing agency that creates unique and engaging content fully loaded with strategic SEO keywords. The SEO content writing services Citypeak Marketing offers converts and attracts organic search traffic.

Through our content writing, keyword search, content strategy and content marketing - we will enhance your company’s brand identity and reach new demographics. The work we provide will all bring your business higher in search results and gain customers fast.

Colorful Lights

graphic design

Utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is one of Citypeak Marketing’s many specialties as a full service marketing agency. This technical work ensures your images are full of creativity and optimized for online.

We create custom logo designs that give your brand a visual identity to customers. We also use graphics design to create vehicle wraps, info-graphics, magazine ads, brochures, business cards, menus, flyers, banners, billboards - and whatever else your company may need! Citypeak Marketing can help your company with a project you want to do or help determine what marketing is best for your company.

keyword analysis

We perform in-depth keyword analysis to determine what keywords are strongest and have the highest likelihood of linking customers to your company. Using the best online research tools and years of keyword analysis experience - we give your business an effective keyword strategy.

This keyword analysis will give you an overview of your competition’s optimization tactics and determine your conversion opportunities. Collecting keyword data is important for us to determine insights that will gain your business customers with our proven to convert marketing strategies. Contact Citypeak today to take the next step and greatly increase your company’s sales by attracting more customers.

Media Advertisement
Citypeak Marketing


There are many ways to reach out to people and these days there are new and powerful methods emerging. Whether you’re looking for printed marketing materials or digital advertisements you will get great results with our advertisement marketing services.

Citypeak Marketing uses effective online advertisements for social media marketing, Paid Per Click (PPC) marketing, and email marketing. We can create print advertisements, coupons, and mailers to help spread the word to your local neighbors about your company. If you are interested in using methods such as radio ads, billboards or newspaper ads - we can also be of service to your company.

The Most Trusted
Digital Marketing Agency

Oftentimes other marketing agencies use a one-size-fits-all approach, which gives you a poor website or ineffective SEO strategy. With Citypeak we work hard to produce customized digital marketing services that are perfect for your unique business needs. Our focus is on client relationships and proven marketing methods to bring your business incredible results.

As a small business marketing agency, we offer contract-free monthly packages – plus give our clients 100% website ownership. That means no more monthly maintenance fees! Investing in a new website with Citypeak will not only bring you higher in search results and convert more sales, but also save you thousands of dollars every year.

We offer a variety of services shown below, and offer packages for a specific marketing service or all-inclusive. Having your business attain long-term success is our standard and we will achieve business growth for you. We always deliver on our promises, maximize your budget, and bring you the most return on investment (ROI). 


Pick from one of our full service marketing packages or select an individual marketing service. If you ever have any questions just give us a call so we can bring your business more sales!

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