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At Citypeak Marketing, we are the most affordable web design agency with the highest-quality work. We offer 3 web design packages as either a redesign, new website, or eCommerce. Our website design pricing packages are much more affordable than our competitors, saving your business thousands every year.  With our affordable web design we require a one-time setup cost to build it custom for your success, and have a low monthly maintenance cost covering fees, IT support, and maintenance.

Our affordable web design for small business service gives owner’s the highest satisfaction to attract customers at the lowest cost. All of our web design packages review the website design process with you, outline goals, and set a timeline. Our marketing team are experts at branding and website design for your small business. With Citypeak, you’ll get a website that really works and shows your business in the best light.

Review our web design packages below, and schedule a free proposal today to discuss your business goals further!


Website Design Packages

  • Website Redesign

    +$150 Tax & Fees
    Refresh With a Modern Design
    • 5-Pages
    • Graphic Design
    • Engaging Content
    • Technical SEO
    • Data Tracking
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Contact Methods
    • Call To Action Buttons
    • Sitemap
    • Domain URL
    • SSL Certificate
    • Account IT Specialist
  • New Website Design

    +$250 Tax & Fees
    Fully Loaded Website to be Online
    • 5-Pages
    • Logo Design
    • Expert Graphics Design
    • Advanced Content
    • Expert Technical SEO
    • Advanced Data Tracking
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Contact Methods
    • Call To Action Buttons
    • Sitemap
    • Booking Calendar
    • Chat Feature
    • Business Email
    • Domain URL
    • SSL Certificate
    • Account IT Specialist
    • +$150 Per Extra Page
    • 1000 Business Cards
  • eCommerce Website Design

    +$300 Tax & Fees
    Sell Products Online
    • 10 Pages
    • Sales Channels
    • Connect & List Products
    • Monthly Data Reports
    • Discount Codes
    • Email Marketing Setup
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Ecommerce Automations
    • Purchase to Ship Feature
    • Shipping Insurance
    • Shipping Labels
    • Shipping Discount
    • Fraud Analysis
    • Direct Bank Payouts
    • Domain URL
    • SSL Certificate
    • Account IT Specialist
    • +$100 Per Extra Page

*Additional Website Hosting Fee

Do You Need Website Redesign Services or a Brand New Website?


We support small businesses in all stages either develop a brand new website or utilize our website redesign services. 

Our professional marketing agency offers affordable web design packages in 3 options: Redesign, New Design, or eCommerce. 

Schedule a free digital marketing consultation to discuss our website design process and get started!

Brand New Website Services

Your small business will need a brand new website when you have never had one before and want to be found online. Your company needs branding and website design as soon as it has been founded through Articles of Incorporation. However, many small businesses overlook this critical step because they can’t find affordable website design packages. This is why Citypeak Marketing has created the most affordable web design for small business so that you can compete with larger companies and grow.

With over 85% of customers searching online for a business before visiting or making a purchase, you can see how important a website is. Having a website is not enough however with the fierce competition, it must be professionally designed with our web design packages. Citypeak Marketing will make sure your website is optimized, running quickly, and the perfect fit for your company.

Website Redesign Services

It is great you’ve either created a website for your business yourself or hired website designers for small business. However, your website will likely be ineffective, outdated, or too expensive with your current provider. It is a smart move to consult a website redesign agency like Citypeak to bring it back to life. We’ve performed dozens of small business website design services to recreate a modern, engaging, and trust-worthy website for clients. 

Your current provider’s website design packages may be charging you $200+ monthly, whereas at Citypeak it is just $75 monthly. That’s a savings of $1,500 yearly at the minimum! Our agency is well known for our affordable web design services that help clients spend less on marketing, and get more. All of our small business website packages feature our “Service Guarantee'', as shown by a 5-star Google rating.

North Carolina’s Most Affordable Web Design Packages


Our website design packages are custom-made, modern designed, and earn customer’s trust to increase conversions. Citypeak is one of the best website design companies in Raleigh that offers extremely effective services of website design in North Carolina and the entire USA. We have received numerous awards with our affordable website design packages that create growth for small businesses. Our values of honesty, transparency, communication, and trust allow our clients to not just feel like a number, but as a valued client who is being taken care of.

Look no further for website design packages to fit your budget and boost your business! Take a look at a recent study by LinkedIn, showing website redesign services should be done every 2-3 years. This is because of changing design trends, user behavior, and search engine algorithms. If your website is approaching, or well past this age, then you have likely noticed a slow-down traffic, few leads, and slightly embarrassing design compared to competitors then contact Citypeak immediately.


Schedule a free digital marketing consultation today so that we can review your web design packages.

​Marketing Web Design Packages Checklist

  • Affordable web design

  • Web design Raleigh, NC

  • Website graphic design

  • Web design Logo

  • Website design Process

  • White label web design

  • Small business website packages

  • Monthly web design packages

  • Modern & User-friendly

  • Fast Loading Pages

  • Multi-Device compatibility

  • Domain URL & SSL certificate

  • IT Support & Maintenance

  • Built in Traffic Analytics

  • Technical SEO

  • Full Website Access

Web Design Packages to Attract Customers

Are you looking for affordable website design packages that can bring in customers? Look no further with our web design packages to grow your business online. Just getting a website done is not enough in today’s competitive market. Your company’s branding and website design needs to be carefully planned, which requires a small business web designer like Citypeak Marketing.

With our affordable web design services you can have a website that has everything you need from a technical and design standpoint. This involves a web design logo, website graphic design, engaging content, user experience (UX), and much more. With our web design packages we require a one-time setup fee to ensure we create an impressive website.  


Once the website is created for success we offer the lowest monthly web design packages cost for the maintenance work. Call us today or fill out the form below to learn more!

Want Website Packages to Grow Sales?

Getting web design packages that are both affordable and effective is 1 in 100. Luckily, you found Citypeak who offers small business web design packages that gain traffic, convert users, and are low cost! A business with a poor performing branding and website design or no website at all is stuck in standby with the competition capturing the market. It is essential for every business to have a great website, as 4 of 5 consumers report searching online for their needs. That’s 80% and it's growing! Even when someone is referred to you, they more than likely researched before calling.

What do you want consumers to see when they begin searching? Contact our affordable web design company and we’ll get you the success you deserve.

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