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About Our Performance Marketing Agency

At Citypeak we stand out among our competitors because we act as your small business marketing consultant with our clients best interest as the top priority. We are your marketing department that you can rely on to provide expertise for your long-term success. We achieve this by being a performance marketing agency that uses data driven decisions to boost your revenue. As a data driven marketing agency, this means there is no guessing and all decisions are calculated for success.

Our marketing analytics agency staffs a team of marketing experts who know how to evaluate data and execute performance marketing techniques. Our company’s mission is to have the best customer service with affordable and top-notch marketing services that are proven to convert. Our Raleigh marketing agency is considered to be one of the best marketing companies for small businesses.

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What makes Citypeak one of the top advertising agencies in Raleigh? It’s our team’s passion and skill to act as a data driven marketing agency that brings our clients such amazing results. We work together to perform activities that our marketing analytics agency needs to ensure the business growth strategies are successful for you. We’ve brought success to small businesses across the USA, and we will for you too. This involves cross-team communication, carefully examining the local market and competitors, and being a trusted small business marketing consultant.

Hiring Citypeak, a performance marketing agency, will give your business an advantage in your local market. We don’t just beat competitors, we bring your business huge revenue growth. Our agency has been listed in Forbes as one of the best marketing companies for small business in the USA. By working with performance marketing agencies you get experts at data analysis on your team. This is why we are well known as a data driven marketing agency that conducts thorough market research and creates custom marketing plans to bring each of our clients great success.

Fists in Solidarity

Other agencies may cut corners, only offer limited services, or most commonly - charge way too much! At Citypeak, we offer affordable marketing services and are a full service agency. Simply put - we do everything and at the lowest cost. Our entire performance marketing agency team will be working on your project, which is why even other agencies come to us for white label digital marketing services. Get to know our Cary/Raleigh marketing team below!


Dominick Headshot


President, CEO

Dominick has over 40 years of experience working at major company's including IBM as a Manager and Fidelity as a VP. He founded Citypeak to utilize his business knowledge and develop small businesses. Through strategic planning he identifies small business's marketing needs and creates marketing plans with effective marketing solutions. He knows exactly what business strategies will grow a company and how to conduct marketing for the largest ROI. He gives a tremendous amount of care to each client because he truly respects people.

Nicholas Ciccarelli Headshot


Digital Marketing Manager

Nicholas Ciccarelli has over 9 years of professional marketing experience. He is a marketing guru who puts an enormous amount of effort into every marketing strategy he performs. Using his creativity combined with an analytical perspective makes his marketing/sales work for small businesses effective. Nick Ciccarelli's tasks include; Web Design, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Graphics Design, Data Analytics and Client Management. He's a big picture person who also pays close attention to detail, following each step of the way to ensure goals are met.

Citypeak Marketing is Google Marketing Certified
Samantha Sahlman Headshot


Digital Marketing Strategist

Samantha has over 8 years of professional business experience. She is highly skilled with content writing who knows how to get in touch with her audience and develop a following. Being a very positive and friendly person allows her work with Email Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO, and Paid Advertising highly successful. She utilizes analytics to find the best target market and keyword strategy for engagement and conversion rates. She's always smiling and bringing inspiration to her clients and team.

Dustin - Graphics Designer of Citypeak Marketing


Graphics Designer

Dustin is an experienced and talented Graphics Designer who we are thankful to have on our team and enjoy collaborating with. He is extremely skillful at making high-quality eye-catching graphic art for both print and digital applications. He shows creativity when brainstorming innovative ideas and offers multiple styles to elevate brand identities. 

Stephanie Headshot


Marketing Operations Specialist

Stephanie is a an experienced marketer of over 7 years. She has her has excellent writing and lead generation skills from technical abilities. She knows how to create articles that drive traffic to our clients website and appear higher in search results as ranked keywords. Her upbeat attitude and creativity makes them a great strategist on our team.

Brandon Headshot


Sales Associate & IT Specialist

Brandon is a recent college graduate from Clemson University in South Carolina in Internet Technology. He has worked several customer service jobs that have taught him how to care for a customer and develop a professional work ethic. He is a trustworthy person who has grown up in Upstate, SC. His hobbies include playing soccer, working on cars, and developing his IT skill-set.

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Performance Marketing Agency

A performance marketing agency helps with the creation and analytics of performance marketing campaigns among various digital channels. Pick the performance marketing agency that will bring you the results you need. Contact Citypeak Marketing today!


Data Driven Marketing Agency


Marketing Analytics Agency


Marketing Strategy Agency

Oftentimes performance marketing agencies are responsible for planning campaigns with a clear focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) for a client. These performance marketing agencies explore all the marketing channels and highest usage to ensure the optimal return on investment (ROI). Our data driven marketing agency on the other hand, puts in the hard work and reviews data from multiple industry leading tools.

In short, a performance marketing agency makes the most use of an investment by collecting marketing analytics to make decisions.  Would you want it any other way? Unfortunately, other agencies view you as just a number - having your job done as fast and cheap as possible. On the other hand, Citypeak is referred to as a marketing analytics agency, because all decisions are made from marketing analytics.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business needs and create a marketing strategy that will truly work for you. Our marketing strategy agency will help small businesses reach, nurture, and convert users through custom marketing strategies. Our marketing agency business plan will outline key areas to attack and carefully utilize your budget to bring the biggest results for success.

Our abilities are superb as a business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing agency. We are confident that we can gain consumer sales for your business and give it tremendous growth. We are the only B2C marketing agency that offers affordable marketing services to small businesses. Considered one of the best marketing companies for small business, we'll take your business to the next level. Our successful B2C strategies lead to quick and reliable growth.

At Citypeak Marketing you’re not just a number, you’re our best friend! We will help simplify the complex process that a B2C marketing agency employs. Such as B2C SEO and how we’re going to give your small business more website traffic and revenue. As a small business marketing consultant we’ll create marketing strategy, track data, and report back on goal progress. Schedule your free marketing consultation to get started!

What is a B2C Marketing Agency?

Citypeak has worked with many companies as a B2C marketing agency to gain them revenue. A few of our activities have been:

  • Contractor B2C Digital Marketing Agency

  • eCommerce B2C Email Marketing

  • Dentist B2C Web Design

  • Lawyer B2C SEO


What is a B2B Digital Marketing Agency?

Citypeak has experience working with several companies as a B2B digital marketing agency to gain revenue. A few of the companies are:

  • Manufacturing B2B Internet marketing agency

  • Insurance B2B Content marketing agency

  • Cybersecurity B2B Email marketing agency

  • Lawyer B2B Website Design Agency


We have strong experience as a business-to-business (B2B) marketing agency that plans and executes B2B marketing strategy. We understand the complex processes of B2B digital marketing services to gain clients who are other businesses. First, we  discuss your product or service to learn how your marketing strategy needs to be aligned. Second we create a marketing plan that outlines how our B2B digital marketing agency will perform the strategies. Thirdly, we will begin strategies such as B2B email marketing and track data to report back to you.

Our expert marketing team will gain exposure for your business to be seen by other businesses and organizations. As a B2B marketing agency, we have great success in the channels other businesses operate in. We actively gain B2B sales among the intense competition. Through operating as a B2B digital marketing agency we will help your company gain market share. Schedule your free marketing consultation to learn more!

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