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How to start my own small business

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Working for a company is a path that the majority of people take, and only a few of us make the choice to own a company. When working for another’s company you may ask yourself, how do I start my own small business? It’s true that working for a company offers several advantages from steady paychecks to benefits and career advancements. However, there are many social and economic factors that influence a persons’ choice to start up their own small business. This includes being overworked with inadequate income, job loss from mergers, and mental issues like depression. At Citypeak we are professional marketing agency in North Carolina. Being successful at starting up new businesses and gaining small business success for preexisting businesses has taken years of knowledge using the most affordable marketing strategies. We are offering Free Marketing Proposals so go ahead and schedule yours today!

Dream of Entrepreneurship in America

The dream of entrepreneurship is one of the reasons America is so great. It is why so many American citizens decide to start their own business, as well as people across the world moving to the U.S.A. In order to understand yourself and your long-term goals it is important to explore these entrepreneurial thoughts you come across instead of dismissing them as irrational. In general, it is intelligent to want to run a business and be your own boss. You may also need a side hustle stack like stock investing, cashback strategies, and even surveying online. This can help bring income to put towards your new business. After enough planning and preparation, you can take those ideas and go forward by making actions to create your small business. There are many advantages from being an entrepreneur such as a better quality of life, higher potential income, and flexible working hours. It is important to search for a small business marketing agency near me like Citypeak who helps business across America. We will help setup your business and get it off the ground from business name, logo design, website development and SEO / PPC.

Over the past several years, we’ve done marketing for over 25 companies across America in some of the following cities and states:

-        Marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia

-        Marketing agency in Miami, Florida

-        Marketing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina

-        Marketing agency in New York City, New York

-        Marketing agency in Las Angeles, California

-        Marketing agency in Houston, Texas

-        Marketing agency in Spartanburg, Greenville, Columbia in South Carolina

+ More!

Gain More Income Than Ever Before

If being an entrepreneur is done successfully then managing your own business could help you reach financial stability and live the life you have always dreamed of. It’s good to play it safe and gain experience, but the sooner you start a small business the better since competition is fierce. With a small business you can determine how much you can make, and the more you work then the more you are rewarded. We know how to make the most of your budget and beat competitors so that your business can get customers quickly and grow. All of our service pricing is upfront and offers unbeatable agency rates with quality guarantees, unlike our competitors who hid prices in the dark and provide subpar work and communication. Citypeak is a digital marketing company in Raleigh, NC and we provide marketing services to the entire country.


Latest Trends of the Workforce in America

In this age, we are seeing outsourced jobs and corporate mergers at an alarming rate. Corporations are merging and acquiring each other at an increasing pace, which often should be viewed as monopolies but is not. Even though the Sherman Antitrust Act was created to assist competition in America, it has not made much of a dent in the corporate takeovers occurring every year. Since there are fewer corporations and more mega corporations, it has led to less competition that creates economic issues. These issues include reduced product or service quality, rising prices, and reduced jobs. Think of starting your small business not only as a way to preserve your financial livelihood, but also as a way for bettering the American economy. Also, since there are fewer companies due to widespread mergers there is less competition giving your small business an advantage. The market has plenty of share up for grabs, if someone creates a better product or service at a lower price than competitors. You can learn a lot from an online resource like the lean startup, to learn about small businesses strategies.

Big Corporation Marketing Efforts

As you can expect with big corporations come big marketing efforts. However, I’ve been in several corporate marketing roles and can tell you firsthand that the teams are distracted, unconnected, and very slow. There is also a lot of bureaucracy which prevents corporate marketing teams from accomplishing projects quickly as well as putting individual needs above the companies. This is why Citypeak has a competitive edge as a marketing service in Raleigh, NC that works virtually to help small businesses “Reach The Peak” in cities across America. Our expert team will look at your individual needs to find the most strategic and beneficial marketing activities for your growing business. [Stat on estimated budget for marketing]. Starting up a company is great, but you must have a digital marketing agency like us to compete with the big corporation’s marketing efforts and avoid failure. Contact us today and you will see why we are a forward-thinking marketing agency in Durham, NC.


7 Steps to Starting a Small Business

1) Determine a Product or Service to Sell: Choose what you will be offering to customers for purchase and the prices. It is important to note that pricing is an ongoing challenge that takes years to perfect.

·       Market Research

·       Competitor Pricing

·       Business Plan

2) Name Your Business: Pick a name that informs others of what you are offering and be creative! Being too generic or vague won’t help customers understand your company as well as causing difficulty later on with search engine visibility (SEO).

·       Industry Terms

·       Name Competition Intensity

·       Lookup Name Availability on Secretary of State Registry

·       Google Search Competition

3) Legally Create the Company: Register the business name, type, and structure online with your Secretary of State. This step will require a government fee and provide you with an EIN for tax purposes plus lists your business online. Most small businesses are setup as an LLC, but we can help you if needed!

·       Research Business Organization Options (LLC, Sole Proprietor, etc.)

·       Submit Articles of Incorporation

·       Gain EIN Tax Number + Listing on SoS Registry

4) Determine Budget and Safeguard Business: Since starting out fresh it is good to create a limit for your desired business operation costs and marketing spend. For example, companies require thousands for a flyer campaign, but we only require a couple hundred. Also, if creating a new product then investigate filing a Patent, or for ideas file a Trademark/Copyright.

·       Review Financial Options for Operating Costs

·       Take Out a Loan or Use Savings

·       Set Aside 10% - 15% of Budget for Marketing

·       Computer Security Software (Norton, McAfee, etc.)

5) Hire a Marketing Agency: Now that you have made it to Step 5 you can relax and use a trustworthy small business marketing agency like Citypeak. We will help you with all of your company’s logistic needs and advertising. From logo design, to website design, and then advertising - we are ready to help you! This step is critical to develop, increase, and maintain sales. Without the right marketing agency your business could be developed poorly and have a high risk of failure.

·       Hire Citypeak Marketing Agency Immediately (If not already done so)

·       Develop Marketing Presence (Logo, Website, Content, etc.)

6) Gain Sales: This is the step when you will start earning revenue for your business. We will determine who your niche market and buyers and target them. Then you can start capitalizing by gaining product orders or service sales. Avoid unnecessary spending on expensive items like Apple products, high-end restaurants, risky investments so you can put money into growing your business.

·       Target Audience

·       Advertising

·       Conserving Funds

7) Small Business Growth: With the assistance of our marketing agency, you will start gaining enough sales to become extremely profitable. The investment in marketing will have paid off and your business can begin growing for high revenue. You can spend more frivolously on personal affects, but still keep it within reason so you don’t become heavily in debt.

·       Build Brand Awareness

·       Advertising

·       Expand Business

Gain Small Business Success

Starting a business comes with some financial costs, and you may need help marketing your product or service. There are many ways to build wealth so that you can stay financially secure while beginning your business. It can be very beneficial to find people you can trust that have the essential skills and capital to be a part of your business. Just make sure they’re willing to work as hard as you! Marketing comes into play heavily when starting and operating your business. There are no marketing agencies like Citypeak Marketing who will help with every marketing step to get your company profitable quickly. There are specific marketing strategies depending on your needs and business industry. Day-to-day business activities are time consuming and reaching success can be unlikely without marketing experts. At Citypeak Marketing we offer the lowest prices in the industry and only hire U.S.A Citizens to especially help small businesses.

Make Your Small Business Success a Reality

By offering your product or service at a better value than competitors you are guaranteed to succeed with marketing. It is very tough making the commitment to leave your “safe” job behind and start your own business. However, the rewards for doing so can make it a dream come true. You could enjoy the work you do more while earning a higher salary. Additionally, being your own boss is very appealing because it allows you to take control of your life. If you’re thinking, “I can’t wait to start my business,” then keep that energy alive and get planning. Citypeak Marketing is here to help you get your business off the ground and reach the peak. With a team of marketing professionals, we have your back and are determined to see you succeed. View our website design packages and schedule a free consultation today to learn more of how we can help your company gain success!


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