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Digital Marketing Agency Services

Citypeak has digital marketing agency services that are designed to bring your small business success. Our expert full service digital marketing team has helped companies across the United States with web design, email and social media marketing, SEO, and paid advertising. We offer additional marketing tools for small businesses such as printed materials, traditional advertising, and graphics design. We achieve success by acting as a business growth consultant whose main objective is our client’s success.

We offer the most affordable small business marketing services in the United States. Our full service marketing agency team is fully located in North Carolina. This means we never outsource our work - unlike other agencies. This ensures that our agency marketing services are both effective and at the lowest possible rates. You can trust Citypeak to have your best interest in mind and bring you fantastic results.

Schedule your free marketing consultation today to see how small business marketing services can help you!

Affordable Web Designers

Get the most affordable web designers to create a fantastic website that looks great and brings in customers.

Organic SEO Services

Have organic SEO services bring traffic to your website by increasing your visibility on search engines.

Social Media Packages

Develop a following and convert them into customers with our professional social media packages.

Email Marketing Experts

Earn sales effortlessly with our email marketing experts that create unique and engaging email campaigns.

Full Service Packages

  • BASE Package

    Every month
    Marketing Essentials - 10% Discount
    Valid for 3 months
    • SEO - Bronze Package
    • Social - Bronze Package
    • Paid Ads $350/ $150 Admin
    • Data Reports
    • Monthly Meetings
    • 24/7 Client Support
  • ALPINE Package

    Every month
    Company Growth - 15% Discount
    Valid for 3 months
    • SEO - Silver Package
    • Social - Silver Package
    • Email Marketing (Bi-Weekly)
    • Advanced Data Reports
    • Monthly Meetings
    • 24/7 Client Support
  • PEAK Package

    Every month
    Dominate Industry - 20% Discount
    Valid for 3 months
    • SEO - Gold
    • Social - Silver
    • Paid Ads $2000 ($300 fee)
    • Email Marketing (Bi-Weekly)
    • Expert Data Reports
    • Bi-Weekly Meetings
    • 24/7 Client Support

*Price is for a 3-month plan. Additional discounts apply to 6 to 12 month plans.

All Packages

Full Service Marketing for Your Small Business

We operate as a full service marketing agency for everything digital and traditional that will help your small business grow. With the highly competitive industry you are operating in, it is a guarantee that you need marketing strategy services to get the gears moving. Our business growth consultants will create measurable success for your small business. Review our digital marketing agency services list below and schedule a free marketing consultation.

Web Design

Affordable Web Designers

One of our most popular digital marketing agency services is website design. Having affordable web designers helps your business spend less, and still get a high-quality website that will convert users into customers. We can make a brand-new website from scratch or redesign your current website.

Citypeak is well known for our affordable web designers as our packages are 75% less than competitors! Every website is modern, user-friendly, mobile optimized, custom content, engaging graphics and much more. We give you the marketing tools for small businesses that will help you become successful while being cost-effective.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Organic SEO Services

Another one of the most important agency marketing services is organic SEO services. Having a website without organic SEO services implemented after is like having just the wrapper of a chocolate. Your business needs organic SEO services to be seen on search engines like Google and Bing.

Our full service marketing agency is well known for our organic SEO services that bring customers to your website. We help customers find your website through the maze of Google by ranking for keywords, running technical SEO, and many more complex tasks. With Citypeak, you will be in good hands.


Email Marketing Experts

Using email marketing experts, like Citypeak, is a great way for your small business to communicate with current and potential customers. Our email marketing experts know how to carefully create strategic emails to nurture your customer list and develop new lists as needed.

Performing email marketing allows your company to send newsletters, nurture customers, and increase sales. It is key for an email marketing expert to run campaigns with a high open rate and click through rate to be successful.

Email Marketing

Social Media Packages

It is well known that social channels are a powerful marketing tool as hundreds of millions of users log on daily to find interesting posts. Our social media packages bring these potential customers to your business. Whether you’re targeting local or national markets, our social media packages will be a great asset.

With each of our social media packages you will get frequent postings, strategic hashtags, engaging content, and photos that will develop your following. We hit the holidays, target your product or services, and ultimately grow your following to drive website traffic for business growth.

Social Network Selection
Social Media

Display Advertising Services (PPC)

Purchasing display advertising services involves running online ads for your company on Google, Facebook, Bing, Yelp and further. If your business needs quick growth for short-term sales then hiring a display advertising agency can be a great option. With this method you can gain new customers instantly!

Implementing display advertising services involves setting a budget to appear as a “Sponsored” advertisement. This puts your business on the top of results, as long as you pay for it. This method can be very expensive, but at Citypeak we are certified and will give you the best benefits at the lowest cost.

Computer with Graph

marketing analytics services

Our marketing analytics services specializes in programs like Google Analytics and Semrush to make data-backed decisions. Using data programs gives our team insight into every marketing activity we perform for your company. There is no guessing when it comes to a marketing analytics services with Citypeak.

Collecting data is crucial to identify traffic sources, page activity, and measure growth. With our marketing analytics services we will use data collection and research to determine marketing strategies that are proven to work. We will hold a monthly data report meeting to show you how your company improved online.

Digital Content Marketing Agency

Our in-house content writers are all human (sorry AI!), which has given us awards as one of the top content marketing agencies. Creating unique, engaging, descriptive, and fully loaded with keywords is always the case for a content marketing agency. Citypeak is highly regarded as a digital content marketing agency.

Producing phenomenal content comes from research, keyword analysis, and marketing strategy. You can trust Citypeak to be the digital content marketing agency that provides brand identity and identifies with your target market. Our content services attract users and grow your website traffic.

Colorful Lights

Web Graphic Designer

Our agency marketing services also feature an expert team of web graphic designers. Utilizing technical programs like Adobe is one of Citypeak Marketing’s many specialties as a full service marketing agency. Our designers create web graphics, but also advertisements, logos, and much more!

By offering a web graphic designer service in-house, we can create top quality media assets at the lowest rates and quickest turnaround time. Citypeak has all of the small business marketing services to help you succeed. We give your brand a visual identity to captivate customers.

Keyword Research Agency

It is extremely important for companies to work with a keyword research agency like Citypeak to find and target necessary keywords. Our keyword research service is conducted by manually reviewing tens of thousands of keywords and variations. Through research our agency will find the best keywords for your business.

Having a keyword research agency ensures that the traffic increases for your website and captures the right audience. Oftentimes, other agencies will overlook this highly technical process, but at Citypeak we will provide increased relevant keywords and highly targeted traffic.

Media Advertisement
Citypeak Marketing

Traditional Advertising Agency

Citypeak operates as both a digital display advertising agency and traditional advertising agency. This means that we can run display advertising services like Google Ads, and also print advertising agency services such as brochures. We are one of the only agencies with affordable full service marketing.

A traditional advertising agency operates with marketing through older methods like billboards, radio ads or commercials. This can be very effective depending on your business type and our marketing strategy services will identify the best options for your small business. 

Trusted Small Business Marketing Services

Oftentimes other agency marketing services use a one-size-fits-all approach, which gives businesses poor results and ineffective marketing strategy services. With Citypeak, we put in the hard work to create custom digital marketing agency services that are perfect for your business’s unique needs. We offer full service marketing to give you a trustworthy agency that operates all of your marketing strategy services in one place.

Our focus is building client relationships and acting as a business growth consultant to develop small business growth. Through offering marketing strategy services our agency can offer proven marketing methods to gain market share. Getting agency marketing services that actually work has never been easier with Citypeak Marketing. 

Citypeak’s full service strategic marketing involves creating a marketing plan that identifies your business’s key areas for growth. We’ll then utilize our organic SEO services, affordable web designers, email marketing experts, display advertising services, and many more marketing strategy services to boost your company’s revenue. 


Review our marketing packages pricing and schedule a free digital marketing consultation with the button below. Let's discuss how we can help your business grow!

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