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At Citypeak Marketing, we know how to give you the highest satisfaction when it comes to building your company's website. We help small businesses to corporations create new websites or redesign websites they currently have. Being a website design agency, we know the in's and out's of creating a good design website and making it convert users into customers.

Our professionals always create effective, custom, and modern websites that feature impressive designs. We are able to create engaging content that is always SEO optimized for higher search results immediately.  We do marketing work for any business, in any state within the USA, and with any budget.

Contact Citypeak today and our small business marketing agency can discuss getting your website design created.


Website Design Packages

We offer website design service packages that are always contract-free. See what package best fits the needs for your growing business.

  • Website Design - Bronze Package

    Creating Your Online Presence
    • 3 - Page Website
    • Laptop, Mobile, & Tablet
    • Call to Action Buttons
    • Unique and Custom Content
    • Stock and Client Photos
    • Standard Analytics
    • Logo Design
    • Contact Form
    • SSL Certificate
  • Website Design - Silver Package

    Enhanced Lead Generation
    • 4 - 10 Page Website
    • Laptop, Mobile, and Tablet
    • Call to Action Buttons
    • Enhanced Content 600+ Words
    • Custom, Stock & Client Photos
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Advanced Logo Design
    • Contact + Booking Calendar
    • SSL Certificate + Sitemap
  • Website Design - Gold Package

    Scale Your Business
    • 11 - 20 Page Website
    • Laptop, Mobile, and Tablet
    • Call to Action Buttons
    • Expert Content 700+ Words
    • PSD, Adobe & Client Photos
    • Expert Analytics + Insights
    • Expert Logo Design
    • Contact + Booking Calendar
    • SSL Certificate + Sitemap
    • 500 Pack Business Cards

*Additional maintenance costs

When is it Time to Create a New Website or

Redesign Your Current Website?

Whether you're in the early stages of creating your company's first website or need your a website redesign - Citypeak Marketing can help!

We have professional marketers with decades of experience building websites. Your website will convert sales and be the face of your company.

Contact us today to discuss your new website or a website redesign for your small business or corporation.


Once a business has established its company name it's important to start gaining sales immediately. This is when a new website is important, because it is the face for your company that builds trust with customers. With over 85% of customers going online to search for businesses - you must also be online these days. Not only is it important to just have a website, but it needs to be well designed by Citypeak Marketing who can get it done at the best prices among marketing agencies. We'll make sure it's optimized, running quickly, and the perfect fit for your company.


If your company has been established for a couple of years and you have a website, then it is likely time to redesign your website. You likely have noticed that your current website is not giving you leads or its design is embarrassing compared to your competition. Just like clothing, your website's style must be modern to earn customer's trust and gain sales from them. At Citypeak Marketing we are an expert marketing agency who can use what's working with your current website, but bring it into the modern design with all the bells and whistles. Our clients have been so impressed with our website designs, and you will too when you see what high-quality website design that we custom make for your business.

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Over the past several years we have helped over 20 clients from small businesses to corporations in a variety of industries. Our clients have requested our expert services for either a new website design or website redesign of their current one. We know how to optimize a budget to give our clients the biggest bang for their buck!


We primarily have seen clients in North Carolina and South Carolina, but are able to assist any small business with marketing across the United States. Our past clients love the work we have done and are overjoyed with the affordable plans we offer. We are always here for our clients whether it is always picking up the phone to talk, gaining growth in their industries, or being amazed with the marketing work we accomplish.


To us, our clients are our friends and we want to see them do the best among their competitors and appreciate the marketing work we do. Check out our packages and call us now to discuss how we can help build your company's brand!

the Carolina's Premier Marketing Agency

​Citypeak Marketing's Website Checklist

  • Elegant and Modern Design

  • PageSpeed Scores 90+

  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Versions

  • Entire SEO Meta Tags Created

  • Index Sitemap in Search Engines

  • Built In Traffic Analytics

  • SEO + Engaging Content

  • Optimized Call to Action

  • Full Access to Your Website

  • SSL Certificate

  • Stock Image Library

  • Automatic Backups + Updates

  • Dedicated Account Expert

  • Custom Integrations and Widgets

Website Designed to Get You Leads

Across the Carolina's we are known for our phenomenal marketing work that businesses need at the most affordable prices. We are basically your marketing department and we are determined to bring your business long-term success.


As a family owned and operated business, we highly value our client's satisfaction and their business growth to get more clients and more sales. We know times are tough and investing in marketing must provide a return. That is why we tailor our websites to match your exact needs to show your website in the best manner so that you can convert leads into sales. Also, we have listed 3 fully-loaded website plans for you to choose from to meet your needs. Contact us today with the plan you are interested in!


We are pro's at making websites for small to medium businesses, so we know a lot about what works when it comes to generating leads online. Give us a call today so we can meet and learn more about your business!

Do You Have a Website that’s Getting You Clients?

Oftentimes a business's marketing efforts are wasted by a poor performing website design, or even worse, not having a company website at all! You may believe that potential clients will automatically pick up the phone to call you, but the fact is over 4 out of 5 of consumers report searching online for a service they need. This shows that even if someone was referred to you, they probably tried to research you online before calling. The question is, what do you want them to see when they begin searching?


Checkout our FAQ page to learn more and contact us now to get started!

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